Stabilize is designed with sustainable tokenomics

The Stabilize Protocol is a decentralized finance application designed to help keep stablecoins prices stable by using active strategies that arbitrage over multiple exchanges and by providing liquidity to protocols that support stability. Users earn from price fluctuations between tokens, . The protocol can be utilized on both Arbitrum, a layer 2 solution for Ethereum and Binance smart chain networks.

During the migration to Arbitrum, a new tokenomics for Stabilize ETH was discussed with a focus on sustainability. The goal was to incentivize liquidity for active strategies without the need for constant minting of new tokens. After considering multiple options, we designed a model that with profit made from the strategies . With this design, STBZ would have a capped / decreasing circulating supply while at the same time, encourage new users to start using the protocol.

We can say at this time, as Stabilize for Arbitrum switches to ~1% yearly inflation, it has enough STBZ in the bank to have a in the total amount of tokens . This means .

As new strategies are developed on Arbitrum that further increase profit for the protocol, this may translate from just a net zero increase in total supply to .

Stabilize for Arbitrum is one of the few protocols that . This is integral for its plan for and allows it to move away from the “farm and dump to death” model.

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Visit the website to get started using the Stabilize protocol, follow us on Twitter and join the community on Telegram.

Twitter: @StabilizePro
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