Stabinol (STOL) now available

Stabinol, an Ethereum cashback token(ticker: ), developed by the Stabilize team is . The token takes advantage of market supply and demand to allocate rewards while also protecting liquidity providers from rapid sell offs after claims. As the demand of Ethereum continues to surge, Stabinol will aim to provide some relief when interacting within its ecosystem.

Please head to the new Stabinol webpage to claim STOL if you participated in the airdrop and to start using the protocol.

How to use:

To interact with the Stabinol protocol, simply follow the instructions on the website:

  • Stake the required STBZ, then Uniswap STOL / ETH LP tokens of your choosing.
  • Claim STOL up to of your STOL in the LP every 3 days.

It is important to note, LP tokens are and each new deposit .

When you claim, the contract determines your ETH spent by comparing your current ETH balance to your ETH balance the last time you staked or claimed in the contract. Every time you increase your ETH balance above the last ETH balance, This will resets the time to claim to 3 days. In the future, as Stabinol is further integrated into the DeFi ecosystem.

Sustainable Tokenomics:

The Stabinol token has a soft total supply cap of . This cap can be modified by governance as demand and market outlook change in the future. When there are at least 500,000 STOL tokens in existence, a will initiate. This tax will be used to resupply the faucet used to claim STOL. Buying STOL on Uniswap will be but selling STOL

Since STOL charges a fee on the sender, if the sender doesn’t have enough STOL to pay the fee, the fee deducts from the sent amount. For contracts that use STOL, it is best to charge a withdrawal fee percent of ÷ to prevent the STOL fee from draining the contract.

The cashback per claim is set for 4% initially, but . Future governance votes will further decide what the cashback% and tax % will be going forward.

There are plans for integrated as Stabinol develops further.

Just the beginning

The Stabilize Team is already working to expand usage of Stabinol into existing products and exchanges. Research is ongoing on whitelisting decentralized exchanges that incorporate Stabinol, in addition to integrating Stabinol into existing Stabilize products.

Stabinol is designed to help small holders use DeFi without being priced out as Ethereum demand increases. The Stabilize Team will keep that in mind as it develops new Stabinol solutions.

Contract Addresses:
Uniswap LP Token:
See more contracts on GitHub

Learn more about Stabinol via Stabilize channels

Visit the website, follow us on Twitter and join the community on Telegram and Discord

Twitter: @StabilizePro
Telegram: StabilizeProtocol
Discord: StabilizeProtocol




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