1 min readJun 18, 2021
The migration to pREETH has begun!

Stabinol, the Ethereum cashback token, is now migrating to preReeth (ticker: pREETH), a precursor token for REETH, the rebasing Ethereum cashback token. Reeth is a token with an enhanced and simplified redemption system that rewards users with Reeth when they use supported exchanges. This new process will be more streamlined and intuitive for new users.

Migrate STOL now!

Head to the new REETH page to start burning your STOL for pREETH. The migration process will be open for the next 14 days. pREETH is used solely for redeeming REETH after the migration period has ended, it is non-transferable. Shortly thereafter, users will be able to burn their pREETH for REETH 1:1.

After the migration, STOL will become unsupported so we highly suggest all users migrate to REETH via pREETH migration.

pREETH Address: 0x148054772BF9d95E48C8E32868F8e3c497938f04

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